As a pastor, I care about how men and women view themselves and how they relate to one another in marriage, in the workplace, and in friendships. God created us to serve a purpose as individuals and in each other’s lives. The principles in Keys of Truth are straight from God’s Word and are crucial for teaching us how to connect and relate to one another the way He designed us. They will also help us live with and honor our spouses in a godly way.
— Robert Morris
Founding Senior Pastor, Gateway Church
Bestselling Author of The Blessed Life, From Dream to Destiny, The God I Never Knew, and Truly Free

Keys of Truth is a phenomenal depiction of the distinct gender differences that allow us to function in our God-given roles. Cristie Penn gets straight to the heart of the matter when it comes to relationships and makes understanding them very simple, yet allows for significant introspection and reflection. These gender-specific communication concepts are essential for every person to be successful in any type of relationship. Keys of Truth is such a delight to read and makes applying these deep concepts simple and understandable. I love that Cristie’s heart is to see people walking freely in their true identity and as the best version of themselves. I will use this book with clients and in teaching students how to effectively counsel those they encounter, as well as in my own relationships. This is an excellent resource!
— Dr. Cassandra Reid, LPC-S, PhD
Founder, Cassie Reid Counseling
Director of Counseling Programming, The King’s University

What a fascinating read! Cristie has so eloquently outlined the core variances between male and female and how these differences affect every relationship we have. This book will revolutionize the way you interact with the opposite gender and will have a profound impact on your relationships
— Josh Morris
Associate Senior Pastor, Gateway Church

Cristie Penn’s desire to see honor restored between men and women shines through. Her book attends to building successful relationships, and she has drawn a picture of how men and women can ‘dance,’ work, love, protect, collaborate and thrive together. In bringing her insight and understanding, she encourages the body of Christ in the practical keys of living in dignity, wisdom, and grace while partnering with one another.
— Barbara Byers, PhD
Licensed Professional Counselor

Keys of Truth is a Holy Spirit–inspired lesson that will enlighten you, challenge you, and change you. Read it knowing it’s not too late to change. I’m thankful Cristie was obedient and allowed the Lord to use her to share truths that will help and heal. The life-changing keys in this book are straight out of God’s Word.
— Gary Randle
Co-founder/President of the Board, HOPE Farm

I first heard snippets of this message on the other side of the world while serving orphans with Cristie Penn in Zambia, Africa. My husband and I were struggling through some marriage issues, and Cristie spoke life to us. God has entrusted a powerful message to this mighty woman of God!
— Tammie Head
Bible Teacher and Author of More and Duty or Delight?

What a breath of fresh air Keys of Truth is. In a time when the world around us seems lost in confusion in relation to gender roles, this book brings clarity and hope. Keys of Truth is easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to apply to our lives.
— Steven Kaylor
Lead Pastor, Hope Church; Tokyo, Japan

Hopeful and empowered. That’s how you’ll feel when you spend time reading Keys of Truth. If you take to heart these truths and use them, even some of them, your marriage, friendships, and even work relationships will be transformed. I commend Cristie for being authentic enough to listen to the Lord and then translate what she’s learned onto paper for all of our benefit!
— Lisa Rose
Founder of First Friday, and Founder and President of Gatehouse

My wife and I have been doing marriage counseling for the last 17 years, and the material in this book will definitely become a major part of our counseling going forward. Cristie has truly unlocked the keys of truth about men and women. Everyone interested in having a significant covenant relationship with his or her spouse will love this book.
— Jim Pack
Founder and President of One Heart Ministry
Executive Pastor, City Life Church

I’ve known Cristie Penn for 10 years and have seen the love she has for people and the desire God’s given her to see men and women thrive in their relationships with one another. When I first heard her share about the keys of truth, I knew it was a fresh word that every man and woman across the globe needed to hear. As a pastor who’s been ministering to women for more than 25 years, I am so thankful she’s now put this information into a book for everyone to read.
— Debbie Morris
Executive Pastor of Pink (Gateway Women), Gateway Church
Author of The Blessed Woman and Co-author of The Blessed Marriage and Living Rightside Up

As a product of an unsuccessful marriage and two relationships, Keys of Truth has given me stable, Christian-based guidance on how to understand a man. It has also shown me the art of maneuvering around my insecurities with men. This book has mesmerized me. I’ve read it over and over and each time a new enlightenment is revealed. I cannot put it down and want to keep it near me for quick reference. It’s a must read for every woman looking to have a successful and loving relationship, a manual for every marriage! Cristie was God inspired to reach women of all ages and backgrounds with words of encouragement for a better life. It has certainly moved and touched my soul, and I look forward to the day God gives me another opportunity to use what I’ve learned.
— Eileen Salazar-Szep
Sr Executive Administrator to President & CEO, Royal Caribbean International

This book will certainly add Cristie Penn to the bibliographies in many books to come on the topic of biblical gender understanding. With creativity, she combines the wisdom of experience and the knowledge of valued research to equip men and women for more meaningful relationships. This is a book that you will not only read but will use for reference and recommendation frequently.
— Devi Titus
Speaker and Author of Home Experience
Co-founder and Vice-President, Kingdom Global Ministries

Passionate, determined, beautiful, humble, and full of compassion is how I would describe Cristie. I am not surprised about her desire to obey God’s calling to write Keys of Truth. This book offers powerful insight to people who are married, single, and engaged and those who are seeking a relationship according to God’s original design. This is an opportunity to rediscover and reposition your heart to unveil and reveal redemptive and practical truths about yourself and the majesty of God’s love to restore and heal relationships.
— Dorothy Newton
Speaker and Author of Silent Cry

Today we face a crisis regarding the definition of marriage. Many have become confused and surrendered their dreams of one man and one woman for life to the lies and schemes of an enemy who wants to destroy biblical marriage. Now more than ever, we need strong mentors and clear voices that can communicate God’s plan and purpose for healthy marriages. In Keys of Truth: Unlocking God’s Design for the Sexes, Cristie Penn takes the discussion of gender to a new level. She serves as the master mentor, transparently sharing from her own life stories, offering keys to greater understanding of our identity in Christ and teaching us how to grow in our value and respect for the opposite sex. I highly recommend this book to anyone who desires to communicate more effectively, love more deeply, and build a lifelong love affair with his or her spouse.
— Jan Greenwood
Pastor of Pink (Gateway Women), Gateway Church
Author of Women at War and Co-author of Living Rightside Up

Keys of Truth offers new insights into the multifaceted challenge of communication between men and women. This message offers powerful lessons that will transform your relationships with the opposite sex and enhance your ability to communicate more effectively with both men and women.
— Lynda Grove | Pastor of Pink (Gateway Women), Gateway Church
Co-author of Living Rightside Up