It Takes a Team!

Wow! After over four (long) years, the book is finally a reality. Throughout this process, I’ve learned so much about God, myself, and others. For a few years leading up to the this process, I had asked the Lord “more” of Him and for Him to mature me by pruning and purifying areas of my life—but had no idea the equipment He would use to do it. If I had known how many areas needed pruning, I might have not asked with so much conviction!

Like anything of value, the process of birthing a book was long, sometimes frustrating, and very hard. I almost quit on more than one occasion as I became more and more aware that I couldn’t do what He had called me to do by myself. Yet, each time God’s voice and presence reminded me that He knew I couldn’t do it alone, but if I would lean in and surrender to Him, He would help me achieve the goal He set before me. If I would just do my part and be obedient, He would do the rest.

There have been many gifts along the way, but one of the greatest things I’ve gained in this journey is relationships with people I would never have known. This book would not have happened without the amazing team of people in this picture. I am forever thankful for the journey, the process, the lessons, and the friendships. I am honored and thankful for their giftings that brought this book first to Gateway Church and then to the Body of Christ globally.

I have to ask, “What in the world would we do without one another?” We are all made uniquely different for many reasons, but one reason is so we can come together and passionately do our part. When we do, beautiful things with eternal power happen! Praise God for His wisdom, presence, and practical provision!

Jonathan Penn, Travis and Stacy Burnett, Don and Cristie Penn, Jules Kieschnick  
  , Erin Sullivan, and Deanie and Katie Willis

Jonathan Penn, Travis and Stacy Burnett, Don and Cristie Penn, Jules Kieschnick, Erin Sullivan, and Deanie and Katie Willis