Prayers Have No Expiration Dates

Maybe to some of you beloved, this is a huge “duh” moment, but I recently felt the Lord share a profound TRUTH that I have been chewing on for a while. Then just last week, I believe God confirmed it again and brought more clarity.

We had been praying for two hours for an extended family member who had been taken back for surgery to have a malignant tumor removed. We prayed long and hard for him, the doctors, the staff, and all who were tending to him. Suddenly, our prayer time was interrupted when the family was asked to meet with the doctor behind closed doors. We continued to pray, having no idea what news was being shared. Sad and disappointed, the family returned to say they had not taken him into surgery due to a complication in pre-op. Many of us were discouraged and felt foolish because of what we had just prayed. But as I sat on the floor in the prayer circle, I heard a whisper deep in my heart that said, “Remember your prayers have no expiration date. I heard them and hold each one safely in my heart, and I won’t forget a word. They will be as fresh tomorrow as they are today.” 

Prayers that line up with God’s will have no expiration dates. There’s not a shelf life, so to speak. Your prayers are heard by the Father, safely delivered by the Holy Spirit and prayed by Jesus as He intercedes for us. Every prayer is tucked into God’s holy heart with great delight and pleasure. He loves to hear from His kids, and He loves to respond in ways we can experience His love and glory.

Consider this: Every prayer you have ever prayed for your husband, child, friend, neighbor, family, or yourself has been heard and is of great value to the Father. How often do we repeat ourselves to God in prayer? How often do we repeat our prayers out of a sense of obligation or a belief we need to bring it to His attention once again?

It’s encouraging to remember that once we’ve prayed, He’s got it. He has it, and He doesn’t forget! He will bring the best solution at the perfect time for everyone involved. Don’t get me wrong, there are times we need to pray again and again just to remind ourselves of our dependence on the Lord, but it’s so encouraging to know that every prayer I have prayed for my children, family, friends, husband, and myself are still in the Father’s heart and fresh on His mind.

When we prayed the next day during his actual surgery, we continued to ask many of the same things with some additions. But this time, it was so much sweeter as we reminded ourselves who was in control and how much He loves us and those we care so much about.